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Office Level Pricing Programs and Factors
Office Level Pricing Programs and Factors

This article will discuss enhanced functionality for Office locations within your Company

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Enterprise users can create multiple office locations within a company. Each office can be created with unique Pricing Programs and Factors.

Office Settings

Under Settings > Offices > (Office Name), you will find Factors and Pricing Programs.

In the Office > Pricing Programs area, you can create an office Equipment Pricing Programs or office Labor Pricing Programs.

Note: To create an Office Labor Pricing Program, you must first set up Office Level Labor Rates.

Similarly, in Office > Factors, you can set up Factors that are unique to each office.

Pricing Programs and Factors set up at the Office level will only be available if your project is set in the corresponding Office (defined at project creation.)

Applying Office Level Pricing Programs

  1. Open the project and select Project Details.

  2. About mid-way down the form, you will see fields for Equipment Programs and Labor Programs

Equipment Programs

In the dropdown, you can select from any of your company-wide Equipment pricing programs, and if your company is using office-level equipment programs, you will be able to select from those as well.

Labor Programs

If you have unique office labor rates set up, you will only see Office Labor Programs in the dropdown. (Company-wide Labor Programs utilize company-wide labor rates, which don't apply to offices with unique labor rates, so Company-wide Labor Programs will not show in the dropdown.)

Applying Office-Level Factors

You can apply office-level Factors to a project on the Project > Overview page.
Locate the Factors section (bottom middle), and click +Add Factor.

Here you can choose from any of your Company Level factors, and you will see any Office level factors that have been set up for this projects office as well:

Hope this helps! Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in Support Chat!

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