Unique Office Labor Rates

Now, each Office in your company can have their own labor rates

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Jetbuilt Enterprise users can create multiple Offices in their companies with their own users, currencies, office information, and now they have the ability to assign labor rates specific to those Offices.

Turning on Unique Office Labor Rates

You can enable office-specific labor rates by navigating to Settings > Offices and selecting your office of choice. Then, navigate to the submenu "Labor Rates".

By default, your Office's labor rates will be synced with the company's labor rates. You can override those and create unique Office labor rates by pressing the big blue button there.

Once unique office labor rates are enabled, they can be edited like normal company labor rates except they will be loaded only into projects created in that Office.

A note about Pricing Programs:

Company-wide Labor Pricing Programs can only use company-wide labor rates. If you set unique labor rates for one of your offices, that office will no longer be able to utilize company-wide Labor Pricing Programs. You can, however, set up office-level Labor Pricing Programs.

Resyncing Labor Rates

If you decide that you want your Office to have the company default labor rates again, you can always resynchronize the labor rates by pressing "Revert to Company Labor Rates".

If you have any additional questions or issues, feel free to reach out to us in Support Chat and we will be happy to help!

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