In this article, we will describe moving an item/asset into its final location. This will remove the item from Stock. And it will allow the item's QR code to be scanned at any time in the future by any person to initiate an End-User Service case.

Printing an Item QR code

Printing an item QR code can be done when the item is Received, or anytime that an item is in Stock.

Moving an Item within Inventory and Installation Process

After an Item has been received, then that item can be moved in Stock, by either:

  1. Clicking "Move Items" and Scanning the Item's QR code, or

  2. Using the black move arrow that appears when you hover next to the serial number (or N/A) listed in the serial number column.

Items can be moved to another Company or Project Location and remain in Stock, or the item can be moved to its final location, and removed from Stock.

Installing an Item to its Final Location and Removing it from Stock

Installing an Item in its final location will allow you to: remove the item from Stock, and allow you to create an end-user Service case.

First, you must prepare to install an item to its final location, then you can move the item to its final location

Prepare To install an item to its final location:

  1. Print the item QR code and affix to the item you are installing. This may have already been completed as part of the "Receive to Inventory" portion of your workflow.

  2. Select the Project that is using that item

  3. Go to the Overview Page

  4. In the bottom right corner, click on 'Print Room QR Codes'. Print or download that page.

  5. For field technicians, you can provide these Room QR codes to the Installers as part of their installation package of paperwork, so that they can use these QR codes to scan items to their final installed location.

Install an item to its final location:

  1. Now on the JetbuiltGO mobile app, go to the Stock Module

  2. Click Move Items

  3. Scan the item's QR code

  4. Click "Move Item"

  5. Then Scan the desired room's QR code, and select "Final Location"

  6. On JetbuiltGO, the device will navigate you to the Project > Assets page

Now that item is installed to its final location. You will find the item's serial number listed next to the item's name in the Projects > Assets area, if a serial number was included when the item was received in Stock.

This item will no longer appear in your Stock > Items area because it is no longer an inventory item.

Hope this helps! Any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in Support Chat.

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