Once you have Added or Received an Item, you can move that item to another location. We will also show you how to view the Item Log, which will tell you when an item was received/moved, when, and by whom.

Here we will cover:

  1. Moving items with a Scanner in the Jetbuilt application

  2. Moving items manually in the Jetbuilt application

  3. Moving items using JetbuiltGO mobile app (scanning the item with your phone)

Moving Items with a Scanner in the Jetbuilt application

When you are ready to Move an Item, you can do so from the Home Page, or from the Item Page within the Stock. To move an item:

1 . Click the orange "Move Items" button.

2. In the Move Items modal, select the text box, and scan the QR code on your item.

3. Once you've scanned the item, select "Next".
4. Now you can either search for the Location the equipment is moving to, or you can scan the QR code placed on the physical location:

5. In Stock > Items, you can select the item to expand it and view its location, as well as some other info you may have attached to the item:

Moving Items Manually

When you are ready to move an Item, you will want to be in the Items view in the Main Stock Navigation. Here you will see a list of the Items you have in Stock.

1. Click on the Manufacturer Name of the Item you want to move. This will expand the view of the Item.

2. Hover over the area just to the right of the name under Serial Number, and you will see a black arrow to move the item. Click the black arrow.

3. This will open up a modal where you can type in the Location where you would like to move the Item. When you type in the search, you will see a dropdown menu. Here you can select the Location you would like to move the Item to, then click Submit.

Now that you have moved the item, you may want to check the Movement Log. Let's look at another example.

Movement Log

In the "Items" view, you will see a list of the Items you have in Stock.

Click on the item's manufacturer name to view the log:

This will expand the view of the Item. Then you can click on the current Location the item.

This will open the Movement Log modal, which includes the date, description, and team member who received or moved the Item.

Moving Items using the JetbuiltGO mobile app

  1. Open the Stock Module on the JetbuiltGO application

  2. Click the orange "Move Item" button

  3. Scan the item's QR code

  4. Then you can choose to select another Item, or

  5. Click "Move Item"

  6. Then Scan the Location's QR code

You can proceed until all of your items are moved, then return to the Jetbuilt web application to review the Movement Log or review items.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in Support Chat!

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