In this article we will describe the process of an end-user creating a Service Case for your team to follow up on and schedule. The client will do this by using the QR code that was generated to track this asset when the item was received in Stock.
Note that this process requires that your company has a Stock Module license to create QR codes for your products.

Allow Anonymous User to Request Service

If you have chosen in Service Settings to "Allow Anonymous User to Request Service", this will allow any user to scan the QR code of a any product you have installed with their mobile phone.

If a user identifies that a certain asset is no longer working properly, and you have tracked that item with a Stock QR code, the user can scan that code to request service for that item.

Scanning the Item QR code

After scanning the QR code with their mobile phone, the user will be able to "Request" a Service case.

Included here is an example of what the user will see when they scan the QR code:

Filling in the Required Information

When the user clicks "Request Service", a modal will pop up requiring them to enter a brief service description, along with their name, email, and phone.

Here is an example mobile view of the user information input modal:

When they fill out this form and click "Open Service Case", the user will receive a message that says, "A service representative from [Your Company] will contact you for verification and scheduling."

Following Up on an Open Service Case

This request will show up in your team's Service case queue on the Jetbuilt platform. You can then view their service request, finish entering the information, verify and schedule an appointment.

  1. You will see this case listed in your Case List with a Description, "End User Submitted - Follow Up" in bold red, with a Service Status of "Pending".

  2. This will alert your Service Case creator that this case requires follow-up to verify the issue, assign a technician to perform service, and schedule.

Hope this helps! If you'd like more information about creating service tickets for your clients within your Jetbuilt account (no Stock module required), head over here.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us in the Support Chat!

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