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Printing & Downloading Item QR Codes
Printing & Downloading Item QR Codes

How to print/download item QR labels for tracking items through Stock and Service.

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Printing QR Labels when Receiving Items into Stock

When an item is received into Stock (or for an item already in Stock), you can choose to print or download QR code labels for the item, to keep track of it.

NOTE: If you want the item(s) being tracked to have a serial number, you must enter the serial number when the item is received.

Whether the items have a serial number or not, it is these QR code labels that are used to track the item's movement through the Stock inventory and installation processes. This helps to create a long-term connection to your Company that allows your client to scan the QR code at any point in the future to initiate an End-User Service case.

Printing/Downloading Item QR Labels at Anytime

As a best practice, we recommend printing/downloading QR labels when the items are received. However, you can print/download an item's QR code at any time by clicking on that item on the Items page in Stock:

  1. Click on the specific item - either the serial number or N/A (which is listed for a group of items received at the same time without serial numbers).

  2. When the pop-up window appears, select Print QR Labels or Download QR Labels.

  3. Click Submit, and you're all set!

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us in Support.

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