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How to create Company and Project Locations and generate QR codes to mark where your items can be found

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The Stock platform allows you to create multiple Company Locations and Project Locations in order to track the physical location of your gear.

NOTE: You do NOT need to create an Office (in Settings>Offices) for your real-world warehouse locations. You can create your warehouse locations in Stock under the Office(s) that you are using to create and build your projects.

In order to create a company location, navigate to Stock > Locations.

Once you've selected "+ Add Location", you will see a modal in which you can select "Company Location" or "Project Location".

Company Location

These locations can be used to track your stock items while they're in your possession. They can be a warehouse rack, a drawer, a shed, a truck - anything that you could slap a QR code label on.

Once you've selected the Office where this Location can be found, you can name the location, describe its position, and describe the location. All of this should help track down exactly where that location exists in the real world.

Once you've filled that information out, you can choose to print or download the QR code label. This will allow you to place a scannable code on the physical location for use in moving items in the Stock platform.

Project Location

The process is pretty much the same for Project Locations, except these will be assigned to your actual Jetbuilt projects. This allows you to mark a space on the project site in order to move items and track the assets found there.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to reach out to us here in Support Chat and we'll be happy to assist!

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