Change Orders allow you to sell new equipment after a contract has already been finalized. You can use Change Orders to swap out equipment (upgrades and downgrades) or simply add new equipment and/or labor.

To create a Change Order in the builder:

  1. Open your project and make sure it's in the Contract or Install stage.
    Note: Moving a project to Contract automatically changes any unsold Options to potential Change Orders as a convenience.

  2. Go to the Builder and click +Add Change Order

  3. Give it a name, payment schedule (if different from your default schedule) and scope.

Now let's add some equipment.

  1. Select your Change Order from the Rooms/Systems list. (If you don't see your Change Order in the list, be sure to select "All Rooms" first.)

  2. Click +Add Items and enter equipment as you normally would.

If you would like to replace any of the items in your project with new items:
1. On the Add/Edit Item modal, select "Replaces Existing Items That Are Already In This Project"

2. Select the item(s) that this item is replacing

This will add a "Credits for Replaced Items" line on your Change Order Report.

Once you have finished building your Change Order, you can present it to your client with a Change Order Report.

To do this, you will need to create a Change Order Report Group within the Designer.

If you already have a Change Order Report Group, you can head over to the Reports section within your project to render a CO Report.

After the Change Order is sold, you can mark it as 'sold' by merging it with your project.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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