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Quickbooks Online Integration
Quickbooks Online Integration
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To set up Quickbooks Online integration go to Settings > Company > Integrations

Find the Quickbooks Online and click 'Configure'.

From here you can match your primary Jetbuilt income types into your Quickbooks accounts. You can match all Jetbuilt types into a single Quickbooks account, or separate them into 6 independent accounts, based on your accounting practices.

Once the integration is set up you can export project from Jetbuilt to QBO by navigating to the Overview page of the project. At the bottom right corner of the page is the Additional Tools section. Click 'Export to Quickbooks Online' to export the project from Jetbuilt to Quickbooks.

This will send the project information over to Quickbooks as an 'Estimate' for the associated Client/Customer. It should come through fairly quickly - if you don't see your project in QBO within 5 minutes or so, please message us on the chat so we can help!

Follow this link for a video on setting up your Quickbooks Online Integration

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