To create an option, use the following steps:

  • Go to Projects, and select the project that you wish to add an option to.

  • In the bottom left of the builder, click on +Add Option

  • In the overlay that appears, name your option, add a scope, or attach it to a room. 

  • Clicking the Attach to Room checkbox gives you the ability to select a room that you want the option to present the option within the room section on any proposals. If you choose not to attach to a room, your option will be shown at the bottom of the proposal.

  • If your option is attached to a room, clicking on that room will reveal that option in the builder list. If it is not attached to a room, the option will be shown when you have All Rooms and All Systems selected.

  • At this point, you can start adding items to your option, just like you would with any other room. 

  • Once you have selected a product to add to your option, you are given the ability to choose which items you want to replace. Click on the checkbox underneath Option/Upgrade, and choose the items that the selected item will replace.

At this point, your option(s) are ready to be presented to your client for the initial proposal. Once your client signs off on the option, you can merge the option by using the following steps:

  • Hover your mouse over the Option name, and click on the pencil icon that appears to the right of it.

  • In the bottom left of the overlay that appears, click on Merge to Room (Option Sold)

NOTE: Once your project in is in the Construction Stage, all options will become Change Orders.

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