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How to access the full Profit and Loss information for your project

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If you re an Enterprise user, the Profit and Loss breakout is a tool to help you track your margins and profits for each piece of equipment, category of labor, factors, and more.

Where to find the P&L Breakout

From the Project Area menu, you are able to access the Profit and Loss breakout under "Tools."

What you will find in the P&L Breakout

At the top of the P&L Breakout, you will see different filters you can apply.

View Options: View either the Full Project or Options and Change Orders

Equipment Breakout: View equipment sorted by Systems, by Phases, or by Tags

Labor Breakout: View Labor sorted by Phases to get a clearer look at how much labor is happening at each point of your Installation process.

Column Options: Choose whether or not to display Internal Notes, Margins, and Gross Profits.

Once you have selected your desired filters for the P&L, you will see Equipment Detail with all of the financial information for the extended quantities of your equipment. This area combines all instances of identical items into one line for easy viewing.

You will also find a detailed hourly breakout of the labor rates on your project and a breakdown of labor by category.

After the Labor Detail, you will see any Factors that have been applied to the Project including the Description, Category, Cost, and Price.

At the very end of the P&L Breakout, you will get a final roundup of your Labor by Category, your Project Cost vs Price, and information on your profits and margins.

*Any Categories in the Project Total that have Factors applied to their totals will be denoted by a *.

If you'd like to download a CSV export of the P&L Breakout, can you do so at the top of the page by clicking Export Data.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions πŸ™‚

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