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How to adjust your project margins with this Enterprise feature

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The margin worksheet is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust all of your margins on a per-project basis.

To access this worksheet, open a project and click "Tools" on the left side menu. Here you will see "Margin WS".

Click on the link to open the full worksheet. Here you will see every element of your project laid out - equipment, labor, shipping, and factors. Please note that days shown in the far right "Days" column reflect calendar days, similar to the Labor Breakdown section on the Overview page.

Before adjusting any of your margins, I would recommend creating a new version of your project. This will allow you to revert back to your original pricing if needed. 

You can adjust profits/margins by typing in a new value under the Profits or Margins column. This will adjust the price of your line items accordingly. 

How the amount is distributed:

There are two options for distributing the dollar amount when you change your profits/margins. 

  1. Proportionally Distributed Margins
    This is the default method, and it will spread the difference across all of your line items in proportion to their current margin. High margin items will receive a higher percentage of the extra amount than low margin items. 

  2.  Absolute Margins
    If you would prefer to set every line item to the same margin, you can use the "Absolute Margins" checkbox (represented by the letter A next to the Equipment margin line). This will set every line item to the amount entered in the Margin column. 

Locking Items

If there are any items that you don't want to be affected by this worksheet, you can lock those items before making any changes. Here is an article that explains how to lock items.  

As you can see above, applying this 30% absolute margin has changed the margin on every item except the one that was locked.

Labor Rates

You can also use this worksheet to adjust your labor price using the "Labor Rate" column. 

Note that if you need to adjust your labor cost, you can do that from the Project Details panel. You will just need to turn on this feature in the Settings area. Here is some more information about how edit labor costs per project.

If you have any questions about using the Margin Worksheet, feel free to reach out to us on chat support! 

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