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Using Time Tracking to Track Labor
Using Time Tracking to Track Labor

How Install and Service techs can clock in, clock out, take a break, switch labor categories, and edit time entries.

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Jetbuilt's Install and Service modules have Time Tracking capabilities to add and track labor on your Install and Service cases. Install and Service users can Clock In to complete their tasks, select their Labor Type, Take Breaks, Clock Out, and Edit Time Sessions.

If you would like to turn on Time Tracking, you can find instructions in this article.

You can only use Time Tracking if you are subscribed to the Install or Service Platforms.

Clocking In

On the JetbuiltGO app or the mobile website, you can go to your time clock by pressing the clock icon on the top right of the Install platform.

From here, you can choose which Project or Non-Project Category you would like to clock in under. If you don't see the project that you'd like to clock in to, check out this article: Why can't I clock in to a project?

Once you select a Project to Clock In under, you can select a Labor Type to work under. These labor types are of labor that has been added into the project.

Once you click "Submit" you will find yourself in the Time Clock view. From here, you can see how long you've been clocked in as well as manage your time session.

Take a Break

You have the ability to take breaks during your time session, and the break's length will be tracked.

To unfreeze your session and finish your break, simply click "End Break."

Changing Labor Type

Install users can switch labor types mid-session by clicking the "Change" button. From here, the view is similar to when you first clock in, in which you are invited to select a labor type and change the description of your work.

Click Submit, and the change in your Time Entry will be recorded.

Clocking Out

To end your time session, simply click the "Clock Out" button and select "Submit" on the modal that shows up. You are also given the opportunity to edit the session's description to reflect the work that was done.

Edit Time Session

In order to Edit existing sessions, you first click the clock icon in the top right to access the time clock. Then, select "Edit Previous Time"

This will lead you to a modal in which you can select which session you would like to edit.

Once you have selected the session you would like to edit, you can adjust start and end times of entries, delete entries, add entries, and change the categories of entries. In order to make a successful edit, your start and end times have to line up!

You can also delete the session entirely, or change which project the work took place in.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us in support chat and we will be happy to assist you!

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