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Create a Lead in Funnel
Create a Lead in Funnel
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With Funnel you can easily create leads from new or existing clients, and when the time comes, transform a lead into a project.ย 

Creating Leads:

There are three ways to create a lead.

First, a new lead can be created through the Funnel page by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking '+Add Lead'

Once you select to create a Lead you can fill in the information for the lead, define the lead source and category of the project, and optionally assign it to a Rep within your team.

The second way is to change a project to a Lead. This can be done by opening the project and clicking 'Move' on the Overview page of the project. Then click 'Select Stage' and checkmark the 'Lead' box and click Submit.

The third way, if you are subscribed to our Install platform, leads can be automatically generated from previous projects using Jetbuilt's Asset Management.

You can have Funnel create new leads as EOW or EOL approaches for any items in your previous projects that you are tracking as Assets. In order to turn this feature on first go to Settings > Company > Funnel. Scroll towards the bottom of the Funnel Settings page and select 'Turn On Leads From Assets':

Open the project that contains the items you want to automate Leads from and go to the 'Assets' tab. Click on the item and check the 'Warranty and EOL' box. Now you can fill in the sold date, length of warranty, and life expectancy. Then select either EOW or EOL in order to automatically create a lead from this item when the time comes. Be sure to click 'Submit'.

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