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Funnel Company Settings
Funnel Company Settings
Funnel platform company settings
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Your company's Funnel page can be customized to meet your workflow needs.
Go to settings > Company > Funnel. There you can customize the names of, and how many Lead Sources and Categories appear on your Funnel page, as well as other options.

To customize Lead Sources/Categories fill in the blank field with the name of the Lead Source or Category under the corresponding section and click 'Add New'. You can adjust the order in which they appear by clicking and dragging the Lead Source/Category up or down. 

You can also set the optimum number of leads for your company, the percent confidence for new client leads, and the percent confidence for repeating client leads. 

Additionally, you can also turn on leads from assets so that leads will automatically be created from assets that are approaching EOW or EOL. You can select how many days before EOW/EOL to create the lead, as well. You can turn on auto-created tasks for each new lead, and assign which rep to have automatically assigned to those tasks.

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