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Generate QR Codes to Allow Client Service Case Requests
Generate QR Codes to Allow Client Service Case Requests

Allow your clients to create service case requests using a Project and Product Level QR Codes

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You can use Project Level QR codes to give your customers an easy way to initiate service requests for any reason. You can also use product-level QR codes, which allow your clients to open a ticket when a specific item needs service.

To allow your clients to submit service tickets, you will first need to enable the checkbox this checkbox in your Service Settings.

Setting up your Service Permissions:

  1. Go to Settings > Service

  2. Select the checkbox that says "Allow Anonymous User To Request Service"

Once you have this enabled, you can proceed to generate QR codes for your projects and/or products.

To Generate a Project-Level Service QR Code:

  1. Go to the Projects > Overview tab

  2. Under Additional Tools, select "Generate QR Codes"

  3. Enter a label for the QR code - you can use the project title, or any other title you'd like.

  4. If you also have a Stock subscription, you will need to select "Generate Project Service Code."

  5. Choose the print format - full letter sheet, or smaller individual labels

  6. Click Generate.

This will generate a printable PDF of the QR code that you can give to your clients. If any of their equipment needs service, they can follow the QR code link to submit a service ticket.

To Generate Individual Asset QR Codes:

  1. Make sure you have Asset Tracking turned on for each item that needs a QR code.

  2. Go to Project > Assets and click "Download QR Codes" at the bottom of the page:

This will provide you with a PDF of Asset QR codes for each selected product. You can then print these Asset QR codes and adhere them to your products. If a product is in need of service, your client can scan the code to open a service ticket. (The same thing is possible with QR codes printed from Stock, once the item has been installed to its final location. Your client can scan the Stock item QR code and can request service for that item.)

Head over here for more details on what your client will see when they scan a QR code, and what information you will receive from them.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions 🙂

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