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Report Pages - Selecting a Language
Report Pages - Selecting a Language

How to set up Proposals in Different Languages

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You can now render proposals in multiple languages! In addition to English (US) and English (UK), we have added Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), and German.

To Select a Report Page Language:

1. Go to Designer > Company Pages and click "+Add Page"

2. Select the page type you'd like to use

3. On the bottom right you'll see a dropdown where you can select the language, called "Page Locale":

4. Click "Create" to generate the page, then adjust the page design as needed.
5. Repeat this process for any other pages you'd like to include in your proposal.

Once you have created all of your pages, combine them into a Report Group, and you're all set! Head over to your project to render a proposal in the selected language.

Please note that you cannot change the language on existing pages; you will need to create new pages to set the language.

Also note that if you are using a translated Line Item page that includes labor types, you may want to translate your labor types as well.

If you would like to see any other languages on our platform, or would be interested in helping us translate pages into a language we don't yet have, please message us on the support chat!

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