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Automated Email Notifications for Service Cases
Automated Email Notifications for Service Cases

How to select which automated emails to send to clients for Service cases

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Setting up Automated Email Notifications

In Settings > Service > Customer Notifications, you can choose to turn on 3 types of automated confirmation emails:

  1. Confirmation when a customer submits an anonymous service request. (Meaning the client scanned a project or item QR code and submitted a request via the form.)

  2. Confirmation when a service appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, or a new technician is assigned.

  3. Confirmation when a Service Case has been closed.

You can also choose to send emails from your connected email server (if you have an email sync set up) as opposed to sending the emails from Jetbuilt's server:

If you don't have email sync set up, you can set the name that you'd like your emails to come from, and the reply-to email address.

Send Emails From

Any emails sent from Jetbuilt's email server will show as the 'From' address, but when a customer replies to an automated email notification, the reply will go to whichever email is set in the reply-to field (seen as "" in the example image above).

If you have email sync set up, it will use the name and email from the synced account.

Add a Logo

You can also add your company's branding to these automated emails by uploading a logo:

We recommend using a transparent background, and sizing it no larger than 200px tall and 400px wide.
Putting this all together, here's an example of how an outgoing email would look:

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in Support πŸ˜€

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