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Setting up Email Sync
Setting up Email Sync

Sync your email server to seamlessly send emails to your clients through Jetbuilt in the Funnel and Service modules.

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If you have Service and/or Funnel permissions, you can sync your email account to send emails directly from your email server. You will also be able to view those emails and clients' replies in the timeline in the Clients area, and/or Service area.

To set up your Email Sync:

  1. Go to Settings > Me, and scroll down Email Sync section.

  2. Click Add New Email Account. Then you will be asked to authorize your email account.

After clicking "Add New Email Account", you can select from a list of supported providers, or you can choose to use "other (IMAP)" if your email provider isn't listed.

Enter your email username and password (for listed email providers) or enter the IMAP/SMTP host information for other providers.

If your email server is hosted with gmail and you have any issues connecting, please check these troubleshooting tips.

Once your email is synced, the email address will appear in this same section:

Let us know if you have any questions! 

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