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Creating an Install Task list based on Line Item Labor
Creating an Install Task list based on Line Item Labor

How to create Install tasks using line item labor you already defined in Builder

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The Jetbuilt Install module allows to create task lists using the line items and labor that you already defined in Builder. Depending on your workflow, this can be an efficient way to communicate what needs to be done with your field techs.

This type of task list is created on a per project basis, and is intended to be used after the list of items for the project has been determined.

This method marries well with Time Tracking.

Creating a Task List Based on Line Item Labor

In Builder, when you Add Product Items Items in Builder, you have the ability to assign labor to those items, based on labor categories that you have set up in your Settings>Company>Labor Rates area

In the Item window, you can also select the Phase, which will be used later as well.

Here, we are going to make use of the labor values you assigned to the item in Builder to generate a task list in Install by labor type.

  1. Click into your project from the Projects list.

  2. From the Projects Area, go to the Install tab.

  3. Click +Add Task.

4. Scroll to the bottom and click +Create from Line Items.

5. A window will open that will allow you to create a task list by pulling in one or more labor types.

6. Assigned to: You can choose one user to assign all the tasks to for that labor type.

a. If you have two users on a project who need to do Engineering, you can assign them all to one user, then go back and individually adjust those that need to be assigned to a second user.

b. Typically, one user would be assigned to a labor type. However, you are able to select multiple labor types and assign all those tasks to one user upon creation, then go back and make any edits needed.

7. Click Create Tasks.

8. The Task Name will be listed as "the product Item + labor type". The time listed will be pulled in from Builder.

Note: If the product quantity is greater than one, only one line item task will be created, and that time will be multiplied by the quantity. For example, if the task takes 30 minutes, and there is quantity of 4 in the project, then that line item will take 2 hours. In small print the item name will be listed with a (x4).

9. We recommend setting scheduled start date individually for each task, after the task list is created. You can do this by clicking on the pencil icon and then selecting the scheduled start date.

a. In the screenshot above, this has been done for the top two tasks.

b. After the task is assigned, the initials of the assigned user will appear on the preview calendar on the schedule encircled by the color of the Job Phase.

10. You can use the pencil icon to edit any aspect of the task.

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