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How to add dynamic images to your report pages and projects

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Similar to Dynamic Text, Dynamic Images can be added to your report pages so that you can add a few images specific to your project's proposal without having to go all the way to the Designer to change the image.

How to add Dynamic Images to your Report Pages

You can now select a "Dynamic Image" to add to your Proposal, and it's even easier than the normal Designer Image Upload.

This will appear in your Proposal as a labelled grey box. Then, you can drag it to the size and position that you'd like and it will be replaced by the corresponding Dynamic Image on your project.

How to add Dynamic Images to your Projects

There are currently four different dynamic image fields:

  1. Project Image, uploaded at the bottom of the Project Details modal.

  2. Client Image, uploaded at the bottom of the Edit Client modal.

  3. Dynamic Image 1, uploaded in the Builder

  4. Dynamic Image 2, uploaded in the Builder

The Dynamic Image 1 and 2 upload can be found as below in the Builder.

When you run a report with Dynamic Images, make sure that all of the dynamic image fields in use in the report group are present in your Project!

If the size of your Dynamic Image field on your report page is different from your image, the image will be centered and either expanded or shrunk accordingly. It does not force the image to fit in the field or stretch the image.

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