Dynamic Text

Use this convenient feature to automatically add project-based content to you proposals.

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Dynamic text is a simple way to have text based items change based on the project that you are working on. To use dynamic text, you will need to go to Designer > Pages and access a page that you would like to use dynamic text on.

Once you have a page open, either click on a text field or create one by going to Add Element > Text Box. Click into your text box, and you will see a toolbar appear at the top of the page. Toward the right side of the toolbox, you will see a dropdown that says "Dynamic...". Clicking on this dropdown gives you access to all of the dynamic fields, including things like Project Name, Project Version, Client Name, etc. Once you have clicked on a field, it will place the text in the box with the following format: [text]

Your dynamic text is now ready to be dynamically changed based on which project you are using it on.

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