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Upload Image to Library/Add Image to Report Page
Upload Image to Library/Add Image to Report Page


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You can upload your own images to the Jetbuilt Designer Library where they can then be added to a report page. 

To upload an image to the Designer Library open up the report page that you want to add an image to. Click 'Add Element' and select 'Image'

This will  take you to the Image Library. Click 'Upload Image' to add your own image to the library. Then drag the image file or click on the upload box to upload the image file. 

Once the file is uploaded you will be redirected to the library. Now you can select the image and click 'Use Image' to add the image to the report page. 

There are two tabs to choose images from: Stock Image and My Images. My Images tab will have all the images uploaded by the user. 

If you have any questions please reach out to the Support Team!

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