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Add Time Session
Add Time Session
How to add new Install Time Tracking sessions without clocking in
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If an Install User with the "Create Tasks" permission needs to record time for an install technician that either forgot to or were unable to clock in, they can retroactively do so by adding a time session.

Adding a Time Session in the Time Tracking Section

If you have the "Create Tasks" permission, you can add a new time session by clicking the "+ Add Session" button at the top right under Install > Time Tracking.

Then, you can choose which User the Session is for, the Project or Non-Project Category, and add entries under labor types/breaks.

Adding a Time Session in a Project

To add a time session in a certain project, select the project and navigate to Install > Time Tracking. From there, you can click "Show Full History".

Once you've done that, you should be able to add Time Sessions in the project much as you would in the above example.

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