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Changing an Item's Tax Status in your Company Database
Changing an Item's Tax Status in your Company Database

How to sync your tax settings to the database for future use.

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The first time you set up a new item from the Jetbuilt database (by adding it to your project) it is saved to your Company Database with the cost, price, shipping, labor, and tax status that you used. This makes it quick and easy to add these items to your projects in the future.

The tax status that is saved on each piece of equipment (when you use it for the first time) will override any default tax settings that you have set up.

For example, if your company settings are set to tax all equipment by default, but you had previously saved some products to your database without tax on them, the next time you add those items to a project, they will not include tax. This is because the item's setting overrides your company's default.

You can always change an item's tax status within a project, but you also may want to push that change to your database so that it is saved that way for future use.

To push changes to an item's tax status to your database:

  1. Make sure the item's tax status is correct in the project

  2. Click 'Edit Items' and select the item(s) you'd like to update.

  3. Click Push/Pull DB

4. Select the tax data points that you'd like to push

5. Click PUSH TO DB

This will save the item's tax status in your database for future use. Note that this requires users to have the "Push Updates to Products" permission to be turned on under Settings > Team.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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