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The Jetbuilt database is populated with millions of products for you to use in your projects.

You can customize the items from the Jetbuilt database to include your unique pricing, shipping, labor, tax, etc. Any items that you have customized will be saved to your company's product database when the item is added to a project for the first time.

You can also create custom products that are unique to your company.

All products can be entered and saved to your database on the fly as you are creating projects - there is no need to spend time setting up your database in the backend before you get started.

To View and Manage the Products in Your Database: 

First go to the Vendors area and select the "All Products" tab.

When viewing the "All Products" tab, you can search for any items in Jetbuilt's database, whether you have customized them or not.

If you would like to view only your Company Products (Jetbuilt products that you have used in projects and added your unique pricing to), click the Tab that says "Your Company Name Database".

The products in this tab have all been used by your company at some point, so they have been customized with any data that was added the first time the product was used. (Cost, price, labor, shipping, tax status, etc.)

To view only your Custom Products (items your company created that don't exist in the main Jetbuilt database) click the tab that says "Custom Items"

You can search within all three of these sections to find products and edit their data as needed.

To make changes to the products in your database, you can check out this article: How to Edit Products in your Database.

NOTE: Any changes made to the products in the Vendors area will not affect your current projects, so don't worry about these changes affecting previous quotes; they are protected. If you need to edit the data on an item that is currently in a project, you can edit the line item within the Builder, or you can use the pull functionality to pull in those changes made in your database.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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