There are two ways to add tasks to your projects. You can attach tasks to your products, or you can add them to the project as a whole.

Attaching tasks to your products allows you to passively create a to-do list for your field techs as you add line items to your project.
To attach a task to a product, go to the Builder and select a line item. This will open the Edit Item modal. Click on "Tasks" in the top right corner.

Add a Task, then add any corresponding Steps that are associated with that task, and click "Save Tasks".

The next time you add this item to one of your projects, these tasks will populate as well.

You can then view, edit, assign, and set a due date for these tasks in the Management area.

If you need to add tasks that aren't associated with a certain product, you can simply click "+Add Task" and set up your tasks/steps within the Management area.  

Field techs will be able to view these tasks from their smart phones, and check them off as they are completed. 

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