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Exporting from D-Tools to Jetbuilt
Exporting from D-Tools to Jetbuilt

How to export a single project or your entire product library as a CSV file from D-Tools and import it into Jetbuilt

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From within your D-Tools project, click the Export button.

You can either choose to export selected items, or the entire project by clicking Selected or All:

This will open an overlay in which you can choose what aspects of the items you would like to export to CSV.

You will then receive a CSV file. Then, with our template file (provided by Support chat or your Sales rep), you can add the information into the template and reach out to Support chat, and we will import the file into your Jetbuilt account.


Go to the Product Explorer, and click Export. You can also choose to either export selected products, or all of your products.

In the following overlay, select what aspects of the products you would like to export:

You will then receive a CSV with all of the products you selected to export.

To import these into Jetbuilt, go to Vendors > Upload Products and attach your CSV file using the white upload box.

This process usually takes 24-48 hours for us to organize the file and upload it into your account. If you would like to speed up the process a bit, we do provide an example CSV to show how our columns are formatted. Download our example CSV by clicking on the blue example data link. 

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