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Unassigning/Un-Allocating Items in a Project (Returning to Stock)
Unassigning/Un-Allocating Items in a Project (Returning to Stock)

Unassigning and Un-Allocating Items in a Project and returning Items to Stock

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After Items have been ordered on a Purchase Order and received in Stock, or pulled into a Project by using the "Pull from Stock" button on the Purchasing page, the Items become allocated to the Project. However, you may find that you want to change the quantity of the allocated Items and return these Items to your inventory.

NOTE: The number of Items allocated to a Project must be greater than or equal to the number of Items assigned to the Project.

(Click here to learn more about how items are allocated and assigned.)

Removing an Item's Assignment and Un-Allocating it using the Stock>Items Page (aka "Return to Stock")

Before changing the allocation of an Item, you may need to remove the assignment first (if an assignment for the Item has been set). You can do this by going to Stock>Items, searching for and clicking on the Item name to expand the Item, and then clicking the serial number (or N/A for items without a serial number). This brings up the Item's serial # and location pop-up window where you can click "Return to Stock", which will unassign and un-allocate the item from the Project.

The "Edit Allocation" window will appear, displaying the allocation adjustment details, and then click "Submit".

The Item has now been both unassigned and un-allocated, meaning it has been returned to your available inventory in Stock.

Un-Allocating an Unassigned Item on the Stock>Items Page

If an Item has already been unassigned but is still allocated to a Project, you can change the allocations by hovering your mouse over the number in the "Allocated" column of the Item in Stock, then clicking "View".

This brings up the Allocation log where you can see the all of the Project allocations for the Item model. If you hover your mouse over the Project name that you'd like to adjust the allocations for, you will see the pencil icon to open the "Edit Allocation" window. Click the pencil icon.

In the "Edit Allocation" window, you can then adjust the allocation quantity for the Item in that Project (making sure the allocation quantity is greater than or equal to the number assigned), and click "Submit".

The Item is now un-allocated, and is now available in your Stock inventory, ready to be allocated to another Project when you need it.

Un-Allocating an Unassigned Item on the Purchasing Tab

After an Item's assignment has been changed on the Stock>Items page (or if an item was not yet assigned to a Project), you have the ability to also change the Item's allocation on the Purchasing tab of your Project. On the Purchasing tab, click on the status of the Item to bring up the "Edit Allocations" window.

From here you can edit the Item's allocation, and click "Submit".

The un-allocated item is now available in your Stock inventory to be pulled into another Project.

Allocations can also be increased using these methods, as long as the allocations do not exceed the quantity of the Item used in the Project.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in support chat if you have any questions πŸ™‚

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