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How to tailor your Builder Search results to only show products for which you have connected dealer pricing

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When you are building a Project estimate, you may only want your team to choose from products that have established dealer pricing.

Enterprise companies can set this feature for each Office Location.

Only Show Products with Connected Pricing

In Settings > Offices > (Your Office Location) > Defaults you will see a checkbox that says, "Only Show Products with Connected Pricing".
When this is selected, Builder search results will only show products with connected dealer pricing in the search results by default.

If this option is selected, users can always override this default by selecting "Show All Products" in the Add Item search.

With this setting selected, your Builder Search results will be limited to only those items for which you have connected pricing. Without this selected, or by default, the Builder Search will return items from Jetbuilt's larger product library.

Hope this helps! Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in Support!

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