Displaying Discounts on Proposals

This article will discuss the option to add a column for discount percentage or discount amount to Proposals

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You now have the option to show customers the percentage off MSRP they are receiving on Line Item pages.

Displaying Discount Columns

To display the discount to customers on an existing Line Items page:
1. Go to the Designer and select the Company Page you wish to modify
2. Click Edit Options button on the left. (If you don't see the Edit Options button, first click into the 'Body' section of the page.)

3. In the Edit Options modal, you can select the "Discount %", or "Discount Amount".
4. If you select Discount Amount, you are optionally able to edit the title of that field. Whatever you enter in the box below "Discount Amount" will display as the column header of the generated proposal.

You can follow the same process when you are creating a new Line Items page. You can select the Edit Options button to choose which columns display.

Both Discount options are calculations between MSRP and your sell price:

  1. Discount % = (MSRP - Sell)/MSRP * 100

  2. Discount Amount = MSRP - Sell Price

Viewing % MSRP Discount Column in Builder

The "% MSRP DSCT" column can be viewed in the Builder by Enterprise users, as part of the builder column options.

Pricing Programs

Equipment Pricing Programs, available to Enterprise users, are a helpful way to apply tailored discounts across multiple items in your project. They can be set as a percentage off MSRP, a markup percentage, or percent profit.

Hope this helps! Any questions please feel free to reach out to us in Support!

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