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What happens to a user's projects when they're deactivated?
What happens to a user's projects when they're deactivated?

Where to find projects that belonged to a Jetbuilt user that is now deactivated.

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When a Jetbuilt user is deactivated or removed from your company, their projects don't just disappear. Instead, their project ownership is reassigned to a new person and they will be the new Project Owner of those projects.

Who are the projects reassigned to?

Projects are reassigned to another user in your company based on two things. The user is:

  1. A company admin.

  2. Chronologically the first user to begin using Jetbuilt in the Company.

Most commonly, this is the person that originally set the Jetbuilt Company up.


If you do not want the projects to be automatically reassigned in the above manner, before you deactivate the user you will want to either (1) use the Bulk Edit functionality in the main Projects list, or (2) follow the steps below.

How can I reassign the project to another user?

You can reassign the project to another user within Project Details. Just open the Project Details panel for the project, select a different user from the "Project Owner" dropdown menu, then click Update Project.

We hope this helps! Please reach out to us in Support chat if you have any questions.

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