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Manage Billing Information and Billing Email
Manage Billing Information and Billing Email

How to Change Billing Permissions and Recipients

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The Manage Billing Information permissiong grants a member of your team access to the Billing section of Jetbuilt's Settings. Through the Billing section you can manage your company's subscription, change payment method, and change the Billing Email.

Manage Billing Information Permission

Jetbuilt Admins can give a user access to the Billing Section through their User Permissions. This can be found under Settings > Team, then you select the User you want to change the permissions of.

If you check the Manage Billing Information box, then that User will have access to the Billing section of the Settings.

The Billing Section

Here in the Billing Section, only accessible to users with the Manage Billing Information permission, you are given an Overview of your Company's User Subscriptions and charges, you are able to adjust your Billing Cycle, and change between a Lite/Enterprise Subscription.

At the bottom of the page you are able to change your payment method and set your company's Billing Email.

The Billing Email is the email address to which you want Billing Notices and Receipts sent to.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Support chat and we would be glad to help you!

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