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Adding Spec Sheets to a Report Group
Adding Spec Sheets to a Report Group

How to add your spec sheets to your reports.

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If you'd like to show your clients some spec sheets for the equipment in their proposal, here's how to do it!

1. Attach a spec sheet to an item in your project.
In the Builder, open the item and click 'Add Spec Sheet'

Then save the item.

2. Include a Spec Sheet Page in your Report Group.
If you already have a spec sheet page in your list of Company Pages, simply drag it into the report group you'll be using.

If you don't yet have a spec sheet page, you can create one.

To do this, go to the Designer > Company Pages and click +Add Page.
Then select the Spec Sheets page, name it, and hit Add.

Now that you have a Spec Sheet page in your list of Company Pages, you can add this page to your Report Group.

To do this, go to the Report Groups section within the Designer, and select the report group you'd like to use.

You can then drag your Spec Sheet page into that report group, and your changes will automatically be saved. 

Now when you create a proposal using that report group, any spec sheets attached to items in your project will be included in the report.

Please feel free to ping us on the chat if you have any questions about this!

Follow this link for a video on setting up spec sheets: Spec Sheet Presentation

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