Once you have completed a Change Order, you can mark it as 'Sold' within Jetbuilt. This allows you to begin ordering equipment within the Purchasing area.

Marking a Change Order as 'Sold' will merge it with your project, so we highly recommend creating a new version of your project before doing this. (This allows you to save a copy of the project as it was sold, with the CO separate from your main project.)

To Mark a Change Order as Sold:

  1. Create a new Version of your project to save your CO as it is before merging.

  2. Navigate back to the first version of your project (or whichever version you had been purchasing from). This is only important if you plan to use the Purchasing tool to create your Purchase Orders.

  3. Go to the Builder and hover your cursor over the name of the Change Order

  4. Click the edit icon that appears on the right:

3. Click 'Merge to Room' (Change Order Sold)

Note: This is an irreversible action. When you merge the CO, it becomes part of the project and the original separate CO is deleted. (Which is why we recommend leveraging Versioning.)

You will still be able to reference the CO Reports you rendered, but the CO will no longer appear as a separate Room in the Builder.

Any equipment that was replaced with this Change Order will be removed from the project, and any new CO items will be added.

Once you have merged the CO, you can proceed to the Purchasing area to order your equipment as needed.

If you ever need to view your CO as it was sold (separate from the main project) just switch back to the version you saved.

Hope this helps - please let us know if you have any questions!

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