Factor Categories

How to select the right category for your Factor.

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When creating a factor, you will select a Method (how the factor is calculated) and a Category (where the factor shows up in your financials).
Your factor will show up in the financial breakdowns differently depending on which category you choose.
Here are the options to choose from when adding a Factor Category:

You can see that each of these categories matches up with those on your Costs/Margins graph on the Overview page. The total value from the factor will be displayed in the corresponding category on the Costs/Margins graph:

The exception is the "Travel" category; factors categorized as Travel are divided evenly between the four Labor categories (Engineering, Install, Management, and Programming.)
These categories generally don't affect your proposals, since Factors are typically broken out separately. The exception is if you are using Hidden Factors - in which case the factor total will be rolled into the corresponding category on your quote.

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