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How to Use Hidden Factors
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Hidden Factors allow you to roll factor values into other categories so they won't appear as a separate line on your proposals. For example, a hidden shipping factor can be rolled into the line item shipping total so you don't have two separate 'shipping' lines.

How to Create a Hidden Factor

1. Go to Settings > Company > Factors, and click 'Add Factor' or select an existing factor that you would like to hide.

2. Add the factor details, and select the category that you would like the factor total to be imbedded in. Then select 'Hidden', and click 'Submit'.

To Add the Hidden Factor to your Project:

Open your project and go to the Overview page. Under the 'Factors' heading select 'Add Factor'. 

All factors that are applied to this project will be listed under this heading. The hidden factors will appear gray and the factors that are not hidden will appear black. 

How Hidden Factors will Display

Your hidden factors will be rolled into the totals on your reports, rather than being broken out separately.

Note: If you have selected a Factor that has a Category of Shipping, and that Factor is hidden, the Factor value will be rolled in the "Shipping Total" element on the Acceptance page, so you will need to marry a Line Items page with an Acceptance page to see that displayed.

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