Default Rooms and Systems

How to set up default rooms and systems that will appear in a checklist for each project you create.

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Setting up default Rooms and Systems allows you to quickly add new projects without having to type in the same data each time.

To set up your default Rooms and Systems:

1. Go to Settings > Company > Defaults

2. Type a room name into the field, and click "Add Room" to add a new room to the list

3. Do the same for Systems (and Tags if your company uses them!)

Where do these show up?

When creating a new project, you will be prompted to add any Rooms/Systems you'd like to include. Your list of Default Rooms/Systems will make this process quick and easy - just select the rooms you'd like to include in the project from your list. You can always add custom room names in the fields on the right as well.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions!

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