Jetbuilt projects use a list of stages that help you keep track of progress. It is also required that you change the stage of your project to access stage-specific features. You will always be notified when you need to change the stage of your project.

Here is the list of stages in order:

  1. Opportunity - in this stage, your Opening Budget will be used in your company pipeline and project totals until the project is moved into Estimate stage.
  2. Estimate - switches from Opening Budget total to the actual total of items in your project.
  3. Proposal - This is when you have delivered a proposal and the project is being considered by the client.
  4. Contract - The client has agreed to purchase the project, but it has not yet moved into Construction.
  5. Construction - switching to this stage changes any unsold Options to potential Change Orders as a convenience. This phase also must be selected to open the Management section to create Purchase Orders and Work Orders.
  6. Completed - Once a project has been completed, it can be moved to this stage where it is archived. Projects can still access this project at any point in the future. 
  7. Icebox - Projects can be moved to the Icebox stage when the project is not lost or completed, but on hold. 

To change the stage of your project:

  1. Click on Projects, and select the project that you wish to edit
  2. Go to Overview
  3. In the top right corner, you will see a timeline with the current stage, along with a MOVE button. Click the MOVE button to select the stage

Click Yes to move to the next stage, or click Select Stage to jump to a different stage.

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