Each item in your project is stored in two places – in the project itself, and in your product database. In order to ensure that you are able to keep the two consistent when you need to, we created the Push/Pull function. This simply allows you to either Pull changes from your database to the item selected, or Push changes from the item to your database.

To access this tool, first click on any individual item in your builder. An overlay window will then appear where you'll be able to make any changes to that item. Click Push/Pull on the bottom left corner.

In the next overlay that appears, you are given a checklist which allows you to select what parameters of the items you want Pushed or Pulled. Click on the checkboxes that apply to you, and select either Push to DB or Pull from DB.

This method is great if you just need to update a single line item. If you would prefer to push/pull multiple items in a project at once, click here to learn how to use the multi-item push/pull function.  

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