Factors are a simple way to add additional charges or credits on a project-wide basis. You can use factors to add travel costs, taxes, fees, shipping, labor, discounts, etc.

To create a factor, go to Settings > Company > Factors, then click +Add Factor.

This will open a window where you can define the parameters of the factor. 

Set the factor name and description, then select a Factor Method from the dropdown menu. 

Factor Methods are used to determine the price of the factor. There are several methods to choose from. If none of the pre-calculated methods work for you, you can simply use a flat-rate and enter whatever price you'd like.

Next, select the factor category that most closely relates to this factor.  For example, our Travel Expenses factor is categorized as "Travel".

You can also select whether you'd like this factor to be default (automatically added to every new project), protected (only admin can edit/delete), taxed (at the tax rate of the project), or hidden (rolled into its corresponding category on the proposal, rather than having its own line).

Now that you have set up a factor in the settings area, head back to your project and open the Overview page. Click +Add Factor and select a factor use. 

You can adjust the numbers here as needed. The numbers you set up in the Settings are will populate by default, but you can always change them on a per-project basis.

Once the factor is added to your project, you will see the factor total on the Overview page, and in the Builder (select All Rooms/All Systems to see the full factor total - otherwise each room you are viewing will shows its corresponding percentage of the factor total.)

Hope this helps! Feel free to message us if you have any questions!

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