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Importing Projects to Q360
Importing Projects to Q360

How to import your projects into Q360 from Jetbuilt

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After you've created and populated a project in Jetbuilt, you can now import it directly into Q360.

Selecting the Customer

First, you'll need to select the Client from Jetbuilt as the Customer in Q360 by clicking the search button in the "Jetbuilt Customer No." field.

In the window the pops up, you'll choose the Client name that you'd like to assign the quote to, and then click "Select".

Start a New Quote in Q360

Next, you'll need to set up a new quote in Q360 for the Jetbuilt project to import into.

  1. Go to the "Details" tab in the new quote in Q360

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit

  3. Click the magnifying glass to search for your "Jetbuilt Project No."

  4. Click the Project name that you'd like to import

  5. Click "Select"

  6. Click the disk icon to save

Importing the Line Items

The next step is to import the line items into the new quote in Q360.

  1. Click the "Line Items" tab

  2. Click the drop down menu

  3. Select "Import Jebuilt Project

The line items will populate and display as folders and sub-folders that you can expand for the Room, then the System, then the Line Items within that Room/System.

I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to us in Support Chat with any questions!

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