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How to Close a Service Case
How to Close a Service Case

Closing a case in the Service Module

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Marking a service case as closed is a handy way to keep track of your completed cases and reduce clutter. To close a case, follow these simple steps: First, click on Service, and then select the case you wish to close. Once you're inside the case, you'll notice the 'Close Case' button located above the timeline

Client Signature for Closed Service Cases

If you need to get your client's signature when closing out the Service case, you can do so from the JetbuiltGO mobile app on your phone.

Open up the JetbuiltGO app, tap on the navigation menu in the top left, and tap Service. From there, tap on the Service case you wish to close, then tap on Case, then tap Close Case, which will open the window seen below.

Complete the fields, then ask your client to sign in the signature box, and tap Close Case. Now, on desktop, you will see their signature in the newly closed Service case.

We hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions in Support chat!

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