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How to Set Up Your Quickbooks Online Integration
How to Set Up Your Quickbooks Online Integration

How to connect your Jetbuilt account to Quickbooks Online

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Our Quickbooks Online integration allows you to export your projects from Jetbuilt to your QBO account as "Estimates".  This allows you to set up invoices and handle all of your accounting needs without re-creating your project in QBO.

To connect your Quickbooks account:

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Integrations

  2. Click on the blue Connect to Quickbooks Online button

You will then be prompted to log in to your Quickbooks account:

After you have logged in, click Connect.

If your account was successfully connected, you will be redirected to Jetbuilt.
You will then be prompted to match the default Jetbuilt income types to the income types that you've set up in Quickbooks. You can match all Jetbuilt income types into a single Quickbooks account, or separate them into 6 independent accounts, based on your accounting practices.

Once you've matched your accounts, click Save Accounts. 

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