Keep track of clients, locations, and contacts by breaking them down into Sub-Clients.

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Enterprise Jetbuilt users can add Sub-Clients to existing Clients. Each Sub-Client can have their own projects, service cases, and contacts. Each Sub-Client will also have its own Timeline, consisting of notes, emails, and tasks that are independent of the parent Client.

To add your first Sub-Client to an existing Client, go to Clients > Add Client.

Enter in the new Client’s information as normal in the pop-up, and then check the “Is A Sub-Client” box to make this new Client a Sub-Client. Next, search for and select the parent Client for your new Sub-Client.

Once the Sub-Client is made, you’ll be brought to the Sub-Client's overview page. You can easily get back to the parent Client's page by clicking on their name.

NOTE: After you've created your first Sub-Client under an existing Client, you will be able add additional Sub-Clients by going to the parent Client's overview page and clicking Add Sub-Client.

Sub-Clients can also have Sub-Clients themselves. There is no limit to how many times you can "nest" Sub-Clients within Sub-Clients.

Also, while running a "Pipeline by Client Detail" report, you can search for the parent Client, and it will display any Sub-Clients in the report.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions!

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