The WooCommerce integration allows you to sell products on your webstore.

To set up the WooCommerce Integration:

  • Go to Settings > Company > Integrations
  • Click Connect to WooCommerce
  • Follow the instructions listed, and fill in your wordpress site info
  • Once you have entered this info, click Save. You should get a confirmation: "WooCommerce successfully configured"

Once you have set up this integration, you will be able to link individual items to your webstore.

To connect products to your webstore:

  • Open a project and select and item you'd like to push to your webstore
  • On the add/edit item modal, select the checkbox for "Web Store"
  • Once this box is checked, you'll see the following fields:
  • When you add values to these fields and click Save, the product will be sent to your WooCommerce store.
  • If you deselect the web store box and click Save, the product will be removed from your WooCommerce store.
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