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Stock Inventory Report
Stock Inventory Report

A report can be created to display your inventory value.

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A collection of Company Reports are available to Enterprise Users. These reports allow you to analyze aspects of your Jetbuilt Projects. Here is how you create a Stock Inventory Report.

Stock Inventory Report Options

You will find this Report in the Reporting > Inventory tab.

From the drop down menu, you can select any or all offices you would like a report from. Then decide whether you would like the report to include allocated inventory, unallocated inventory, or both.

Allocated Inventory is inventory that has been claimed by a Project, either by 'Receiving the Item on a PO' or allocating an item to a Project by a 'Pull from Stock'.

Unallocated Inventory is inventory that has been received by manual import or bulk import that is not yet allocated to a project, so is available to be sold, or allocated as needed.

Run Report will create the Report for you. Inventory Reports provide information as of the date the report is run.

You can either Print Report on paper or PDF, or Export the information to a CSV.

Stock Inventory Report Data

The inventory report will show you all items that meet the criteria selected above. For each item, the cost value of that item will be listed. The cost value is the item's cost value in your Company database the day the Report was run.

Items will be displayed with Quantity, Brand, Item (which is model information), and Part #, if applicable, followed by the Cost of that line item.

If you scroll to the bottom of the list of items presented, you will see the Total Value of the inventory for that report in bold.

Hope this helps! Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us in Support Chat!

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