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Whitelisting Jetbuilt for Google Workspace Admins
Whitelisting Jetbuilt for Google Workspace Admins

Whitelist Jetbuilt to sync your Google Workspace email account to your Jetbuilt account.

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Connecting your Google Workspace email accounts to Jetbuilt is an excellent way to easily view email conversations within the Clients and Service tabs. In order to sync your Google Workspace email with Jetbuilt, your Google Workspace admin must first whitelist Jetbuilt in the admin area of your company's Google Workspace account.

If you are not an admin, please reach out to your admin and ask them to follow the steps outlined in this article.

Adding Jetbuilt as a Trusted App

If you are an admin of your Google Workspace account and wish to sync Google email accounts to Jetbuilt to utilize more of Jetbuilt's Funnel and Service modules, below is a guide. Your interface may look slightly different.

  1. Log in to the admin area of Google Workspace. After you log in, use the left-hand navigation menu and select Security>Access and Data Control>API Controls.

  2. Select Manage Third-Party App Access.

  3. Next to where it says "Configured Apps" (in the table), select Add App>OAuth App Name or Client ID.

  4. Copy and paste the entire Jetbuilt Client ID (below) into the search bar.

    Click Search.

  5. Select Jetbuilt.

  6. Click the checkbox next to Jetbuilt's Client ID and click Select.

  7. Click the circle next to (all users) and click Continue.

  8. Click the circle next to Trusted and click Continue.

  9. You will be directed to this page (seen below). Click Finish.

  10. This will take you back to the App Access Control page where it should now display Jetbuilt as a configured app that is configured for 1 Org Unit.

Jetbuilt is now whitelisted in your Google Workspace! Now that Jetbuilt is whitelisted, you and other Jetbuilt Funnel and Service users at your company can sync their Google Workspace email accounts.

If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting, please reach out to us in Support Chat!

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