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Vectorworks Integration
Vectorworks Integration

This an import/export solution, so that no matter where your project starts, you can hit the ground running in the other application.

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The Set Up

The first step of any integration is the set up. For this integration it's as simple as navigating to Settings > Company > Integrations and clicking "Connect to Vectorworks."

Once you have connected the integration, links to 'Export to Vectorworks' or 'Import from Vectorworks' will appear in the Additional Tools area of your Projects.

Export to Vectorworks

When your Project starts in Jetbuilt, the integration is designed to take the line items from your project and populate them as devices in Vectorworks. This should save you tons of time on those Projects with a lot of devices.

  1. From a your Jetbuilt Project's Overview, select "Export to Vectorworks" This will trigger the generation and download of a CSV file.

  2. In Vectorworks, goto File > Import > Import Worksheet.

  3. Once the Worksheet has loaded in, select ConnectCAD > Update > Create Devices from Worksheet. Then select the Worksheet we just loaded.

  4. Next you can verify or change column assignments. This should be automatic, though can vary slightly if you are using custom fields for your device data in Vectorworks.

  5. Lastly, ConnectCAD will attempt to match the devices to devices that already exist in your Vectorworks. At this stage, you can confirm or change the specific device mappings.

Import from Vectorworks

On rare occasions you may have started a drawing before you have the quote in Jetbuilt. So, we built a process by which you can import your devices as line items into a Project.

  1. First, we want to get a device report to get a worksheet report of devices. Navigate to ConnectCAD > Documentation > Current Layer Device Report.

  2. Then, we use ConnectCAD to convert the Report to a List.

Next, to get the file into a CSV, we select File > Export > Export Worksheet. Be sure to select CSV in the Format field.

3. Lastly, navigate to you the Overview of your destination Project in Jetbuilt, choose 'Import from Vectorworks' and select the CSV you just created. This will load the devices in as new line items in Jetbuilt.

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