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Creating Service Cases
Creating Service Cases

How to create a new service ticket using the Service Module

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The Service module allows you to seamlessly create and perform service tickets for your clients.

Once you have added the Service module to your account, you can start creating service tickets.

There are two ways to create new tickets:
1. Your team can create tickets within your account
2. Your client can create tickets from their location

This article will focus on the first way: How to create a service ticket within your Jetbuilt account.

Here's how to create a Service Case from within your account:

1. From the Dashboard, select "Service"

2. On the Service Page, click "+Add Service Case"

3. Fill out the form with your client's details - if the client is already in your system, just start typing their name to search/select your existing client and we will automatically fill in their details for you:

4. If this ticket is related to a corresponding Jetbuilt project, you can search/select the project from the dropdown list. Projects that are in Completed Stage will appear in the Project dropdown list. If you have been Asset Tracking the items in that project, you can select the specific asset in that Project that needs service:

5. Next, you can select the payment option you'd like to apply to this case. (Your company's Service Payment options can be defined in your Service Settings area.)

If the associated project has a sold service package, or the selected asset has a warranty, that will show here as well:

6. Last, you can fill out the details of the service case, indicate if this ticket is "hot" or urgent, include a short description, and schedule an appointment for an assigned tech:

Once all of this is filled out, just click "Add Service Case" and you'll be taken to the Service Case Detail Page for this ticket.

Here you will see a timeline of events - when the case was opened, when the appointment was scheduled, and you can add more notes, discussions, and additional appointments as needed.

When a case is completed, simply click "Close Case". This will pull up a form where you can enter any notes/findings from the field, and confirm that the case is ready to close.

Client Signature for Closed Service Cases

If you need to get your client's signature when closing out the Service case, you can do so from the JetbuiltGO mobile app on your phone.

Open up the JetbuiltGO app, tap on the navigation menu in the top left, and tap Service. From there, tap on the Service case you wish to close, then tap on Case, then tap Close Case, which will open the window seen below.

Complete the fields, then ask your client to sign in the signature box, and tap Close Case. Now, on desktop, you will see their signature in the newly closed Service case.

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions!

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